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Solar Pole Street Light 30W-120W

It adopts Lumileds SMD3030 LED as light source, led qty is up to 248pcs. Up to 16000lm with actual power as 120W. The power range is from 50W to 120W as optional, max NCM lithium battery capacity is more than. Each power of LED range, there are different power capacity we can use in order to get various autonomy ( backup days) according to customer’s requirement. Thanks for its practical high lumen performance, this light is the ideal model and capable to be used for the application where require ultra high brightness with high poles 12m 14m for express way, or airport..


You might have noticed that most people in your neighborhood are replacing their conventional street lights with solar-powered street lights. Even the local governments and stadium management teams are crossing over to using solar lamps instead of the traditional lights, Solar lamps can be used in winter,Don’t worry about snow and category 12 typhoons, not rust easily solar cylinder lamp, solar pole 360° lamp.

The main reason behind this massive exodus from conventional to solar in street lighting is that solar power has many benefits. Besides saving on power bills, it is clean where it helps in conserving energy.360° charge by the sun all day, Resistant to grade 12 storm, easy to clean, not covered by snow

You can also enjoy the many benefits of solar street lights by knowing the ideal lights for you. We are glad you have visited our website because we have picked the best solar street lights to make your selection work easier. Here is our new technology solar street light :

What is vertical solar street light?

    Solar pole cylinder solar street post is an advanced combination with the latest technology. It adopts the cylindrical solar modules as a revolutionary design in 2019. The solar cylinder is based on a modular conception which is can be easily mounted to any kind of pole within a diameter of 165mm, It adopts monocrystalline silicon with high power efficiency of up to 21.2% and more than 20 years lifetime. It has a very aesthetical appearance and has a much better wind resistance rather than a regular solar panel. The whole post only includes two functional components including a solar cylinder and a solar light head which are connected directly by MC4 connectors. The battery and solar controller are built inside of the light fixture. The power of lights covers from 20W to 120W which can be installed on poles from 5M to 14M. Solar cylinder light post is a premium and advanced product which are specially for these projects concerning a lot on aesthetical appearance as well as high luminous, durable quality system and longtime lifetime.

User option: vertical Solar Panel or Regular solar panel , Support for custom /OEM, remote control;​

Vertical Solar Panel +LED head built-in lithium battery:
Solar cylinder pole post street light Advantage:360° charge by the sun all day, On each side about 30W,
Resistant to grade 12 storm, easy to clean, not covered by snow, good for the beauty of the city, do not take up too much space.
Disadvantages: Cost higher than regular solar panels.
installation area: in the Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe, America, Asia, Northern Europe and North America where complementary wind systems are needed.
For example single arm solar street light, double arm street light, hybrid wind-solar street light.

solar cylinder led head


Regular solar panel +LED head built-in lithium battery:
All in two solar street light advantages: low-cost solar street light, high quality and High-efficiency solar irradiation,
disadvantage: Easy snow cover, not easy to clean, low pit wind capacity.
installation area: installation in the Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe, America, Asia.
double arm solar street light,single-arm solar street light, hybrid wind-solar street light.


Regular solar panel

Specification: Here are the leading six models solar cylinder street lights that might suit your needs:
Model EC-U30W EC-U50W EC-U60W EC-U80W EC-U100W EC-U120W
LED power 30W ±5% 50W±5% 60W±5% 80W±5% 100W±5% 120W±5%
vertical Solar Panel 140W 18V 280W 18v 300W 36V 420W 36V 500W 36V 560W 36V
regular Solar Panel 70W 18v 100W 18v 120W 36V 150W 36V 200W 36V 260W 36V
LifePO4 battery 12.8V 307WH 12.8V 460WH 12.8V 538WH 12.8V 768WH 25.6V 921WH 25.6V 1075WH
Battery lifetime >2000 cycles
Fixture color Grey/customized
Lamp size 568x250x92mm 568x250x92mm 678x278x93mm 678x278x93mm 800x310x116mm 800x310x116mm
LED source 72pcs smd3030 90pcs smd3030 64pcs smd5050
Fixture material Alu die casting
Liminous flux >4,800lm >6,800lm >8,800lm >12,800lm >14,800lm >16,800lm
Beam angle 145*75°
Lighting program 6Hour 100% Power+6H 50% Power,Backup 3-5 rainy days
Charge controller MPPT by SRNE
Remote control Yes
Working Temp -20℃~75℃
IP Rate IP65
LED Head Net weight 8.2Kg 9.8Kg 12.7Kg 14.8Kg 17.3Kg 19.5Kg
Warranty 3years

The universal Outdoor Bright 20W-120W LED Solar Pole Wall Street Light Lamp delivers bright reliable long-lasting lighting and is ideal for industrial and commercial quality lighting, residential street lighting, parking lots and security lighting. It is easy to install and maintain as casual or emergency lighting around the house, garage, garden, porch, patio, side and backyard, driveway, entryway, path, etc.

Applicable to light up public areas including Parks, Parking lots, Train Stations, Roads, Streets, Playgrounds, walkways, pathways, etc.

The solar street light is suitable for industrial and business premises including parking, warehouses, docks, cafes, hotels, coal mines, farms and farm fields, orchards, campuses, and buildings, etc.

Great as an outdoor Perimeter Security Light for residential or commercial property, civil and military objects。

double solar cylinder street light 60W 4double solar cylinder street light 60W 3 


Question 1. What kind of connectors and cable does this cylinder use?
This cylinder is using a 2.5mm2 power cord which is especially for solar panels instead of regular cable. Each module has a pair of MC4 connectors with 20cm
cord at both sides.

Question 2. Can I connect couples of cylinder modules in series or in parallelized connections?
Because this module is using universal MC4 connectors, so you can connect it in the same way as regular solar panels.

Question 3. Does this cylinder include a battery or solar controller
This solar cylinder is an individual module, the battery and controller are built inside of the light head fixture.

Question 4. What diameter of the pole can match the module.
The max diameter that can be used for this module is 165mm, so as long as the diameter is less than 165mm,. Then you can use it, while we always suggest using 140~160mm for the best performance.


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