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Our Solar Product Applications Cover Diverse Place Markets Asia、Europe、America、Africa、Oceania,etc.


Our solar product is a long lifetime, High efficiency, Low maintenance cost, Lifelong after-sales service, and market-focused.

Solar cylinder solar street post is an advanced combination with the latest technology. It adopts the cylindrical solar modules as a revolutionary design in 2019. The solar cylinder is based on a modular conception which is can be easily mounted to any kind of pole within a diameter of 165mm, It adopts monocrystalline silicon with high power efficiency of up to 21.2% and more than 20 years lifetime. It has a very aesthetical appearance and has a much better wind resistance rather than a regular solar panel. The whole post only includes two functional components including a solar cylinder and a solar light head which are connected directly by MC4 connectors. The battery and solar controller are built inside of the light fixture. The power of lights covers from 20W to 120W which can be installed on poles from 5M to 14M. Solar cylinder light post is a premium and advanced product which are specially for these projects concerning a lot on aesthetical appearance as well as high luminous, durable quality system and longtime lifetime.


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