Solar Tube /batten/Tri-proof light 12W-80W

  • It is smart a kit that can be used as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, or emergency light. It can not only light up your home, house, office, warehouse but also illuminate a bus station, camping tent, camper, shelter, kiosk, etc. Also, with a USB port, this kit can also charge for our phone any time!

  • Complete set of packaging with color box neutral, including batten light, solar panel and 5 meters panel cables and 2 panel brackets, wall switch and 4 meters wall switch cables, small remote, fixing dowels and screws, user manual

    1. By on&off light button (3 lighting modes optional)
    2. 1st: 100% power
    3. 2nd: 50% power
    4. 3rd: 30% + 100% when sensor is triggered (dimming working mode)
    5. 4th: OFF
    6. By wall switch (put the panel on roof, and put the light in your home…)
    7. The same with on&off button, 3 lighting modes optional…
    8. By Remote (turn on/off the light; choose different working mode and working time)
A Type Retail

Solar tube light/batten light/Tri-Proof Light application:

B type for project