Solar Beacon Light

When you have an emergency at sea, there are no lights,How did you get first aid?Methods are as follows: turn on Solar Beacon Light emergency lights, call the rescue number 110,911. Ect.
Solar Powered High Intensity Obstruction Light,aviation obstruction beacon.
high quality Dock dedicated solar integrated LED marine beacon light
solar powered LED high intensity red obstruction light, solar self-contained design makes it easy to install any emergency case.
Robust body built and surface coating provides good protection against hash environments. Other advantages like energy saving and cable saving make the solar powered light a good option on obstruction marking.
equipped with a 60W solar panel and 24Ah VRLA (Voltage-Regulated Lead Acid) rechargeable battery which could power the light up to 3-4 days when the weather is cloudy &rainy.
High quality optics for excellent beam spread control
Ultra-light LEDs, energy saving
Self-contained without outside power supply
Maximum visibility distance 40KM
Once fully charged, it can work for up to 6 days in flashing mode and 3 days in fixed mode
All hardware of obstruction lights are made of corrosion resistant metals.
Use of quality components and sophisticated technology reduce chances of maintenance and replacement.
LED light source ensures long lifetime, maintenance free
Shock and vibration resistant
Corrosion resistant and UV stable polycarbonate housing
Ease of mount, mount accessories available
No wiring job, nice & easy installation.
High rise building marking
Telecom tower marking
Road obstruction marking
Navigation aid
Port, dock entrance&walkway
Buoy marking

Working principle:
YH 130S LED integrated navigation lights are powered by internal batteries and charged with built-in solar panels. The beacon lamp is equipped with a light sensor and only works at night. An internal microprocessor controls a set of ultra-high brightness LED arrays according to manufacturing specifications. The internal circuit has measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection and high temperature protection, which can effectively prevent battery loss and prolong the life of lamp and battery.
Performance indicators:

Product specifications:

Installation guidance:

  1. Turn on the lamp body and adjust the flash quality (refer to this manual). When leaving the factory, the quality of the lamp is set to “17”.
  2. Make sure the battery voltage is between 12 volts and 14.6 volts. If the battery voltage is too low, charge in the sun for several hours in advance.
  3. Turn the lamp base switch S1 up to “ON”, to work properly (except during the day).
  4. It is recommended to test whether the navigation lights work properly. An opaque item (such as a towel or coat) can be placed on a beacon lens to see if the flash is flashing according to the light quality set.
  5. Fix the navigation light on a flat horizontal surface. Installation complete.

Select Flash Quality – A and B by rotating switches.
The YH 130S beacon lamp selects the lamp quality of the LED flash through two 16-bit rotary switches. By using the special screws in the attachment of the product, rotate the dial and point the small arrow to the corresponding character (0~F). Please refer to the lamp quality coding table, select the flash quality you need, adjust the code of rotating two rotating switches.As the beacon lights work, the rotary switch can also be adjusted, LED the flash will flash immediately according to the new lamp quality.
The following figure shows the position of the rotating switch A and B after turning on the lamp body.

            A                       B

YH 130S design goal of the beacon lamp is to minimize personnel maintenance, but some necessary maintenance measures can improve the working efficiency of the beacon lamp and prolong the service life.
1.Regularly clean the navigation lamp housing, especially the lens part and solar panel, depending on the environment. When cleaning, use clean cotton cloth, scrub with mild soapy water, remove dirt and wash with clean water, and finally dry with cotton cloth.
2.When replacing the battery, please pay attention to the polarity of the power supply.

Quality assurance:
Quality Assurance Conditions
1. the installation of the beacon lamp must be correctly installed in accordance with the product instructions.
2. shall not change electrical specifications and circuits without manufacturer’s confirmation.
3. warranty for solar modules and batteries used in conjunction with the navigation lamp is specified separately.

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