Solar Beacon light

  • integrated navigation lights are powered by internal batteries and charged with built-in solar panels. The beacon lamp is equipped with a light sensor and only works at night. An internal microprocessor controls a set of ultra-high brightness LED arrays according to manufacturing specifications. The internal circuit has measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection and high temperature protection, which can effectively prevent battery loss and prolong the life of lamp and battery

  • Product specifications

    Model Peak intensity (mcd) Maximum View Color LED quantity Maximum current Rated voltage
    YH 130S -R 44000 3 nautical miles Red 8 150 mA 12V
    YH 130S -G 82000 Green 8 mA 230 12V
    YH 130S -W 84000 White 8 240 mA 12V
    YH 130S -Y 42000 Yellow 8 150 mA 12V

    Select Flash Quality – A and B by rotating switches

    The YH 130S beacon lamp selects the lamp quality of the LED flash through two 16-bit rotary switches. By using the special screws in the attachment of the product, rotate the dial and point the small arrow to the corresponding character (0~F). Please refer to the lamp quality coding table, select the flash quality you need, adjust the code of rotating two rotating switches.As the beacon lights work, the rotary switch can also be adjusted, LED the flash will flash immediately according to the new lamp quality.

    The following figure shows the position of the rotating switch A and B after turning on the lamp body.


    YH 130S design goal of the beacon lamp is to minimize personnel maintenance, but some necessary maintenance measures can improve the working efficiency of the beacon lamp and prolong the service life.

    1. Regularly clean the navigation lamp housing, especially the lens part and solar panel, depending on the environment. When cleaning, use clean cotton cloth, scrub with mild soapy water, remove dirt and wash with clean water, and finally dry with cotton cloth.
    2. When replacing the battery, please pay attention to the polarity of the power supply.

    Quality assurance

    Quality Assurance Conditions

    1. the installation of the beacon lamp must be correctly installed in accordance with the product instructions.
    2. shall not change electrical specifications and circuits without manufacturer’s confirmation.
    3. warranty for solar modules and batteries used in conjunction with the navigation lamp is specified separately.
  • Light Source:Ultra high intensity
    Colour Available :Red,Green ,White,Yellow,Blue (as one colour before order)
    Leds intensity:See the User Manual
    Visible Range:2-3nm (1nm=1852m)
    Horizontal Output:360°
    Vertical Divergence:10
    Fash Charcters :256 IALA recommend
    LED life:100000hours
    LED driver Mode :Constant Current
    Maxim Work Power:0.7W
    Battery Capacity:12V7Ah
    Battery type: Lead acid Maintenance -free
    Mono Solar Power :5W
    Standby Current :5mA
    Light Sensitivity: 300±100lux
    Work temperature:-30℃~+75℃
    Lens Materials: Polycarbonate-U.V.Stabilized
    Base material”Cast Aluminum
    Lens Dimensions:130mm
    Focal Plane Height :330mm
    Mounting :4-M12/93mm
    Net Weight:4.7kg
    1.8 LEDs in one tier
    2.100,000 hours LED life
    3.256 IALA flash codes
    4.Adjustable LED intensity
    5.High efficient LED driver circuit
    6.Over-voltage and over-current protections
    7.Reverse polarity protection
    8.All surface mount technology
    9.IP65 waterproof
    10.Optional Synchronization via GPS module
    11.Optional Bluetooth controller